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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So, I have obviously neglected to blog the last few weeks. My excuse? LIFE! But I will detail my life since November 6th. I will also be posting random pictures that may or may not have anything to do with my blog subject. Enjoy my randomness.

November 7th was Jessica's birthday, and lucky, she got my package in time. I sent her some candy, a card, and some free stuff I got for her from when I registered her for her shower.
This is the picture I used to the shower invitations (found on the internets)

Also that week, it was SUPER busy in the costume shop. This was the week I had to finalized the entire cast's costumes. I even had some cast members who I had never seen. Also, to make me have even more stress, one actor dropped, which meant a new cast member, and new measurements.

The week ended with Latasha's Me Day. For her Me day, we did a fashion show using just newspaper.
...And I totally won. Thanks to designer Monica
Also ending that week was some good ol' fashion volunteering. Along with Carma, we helped her little sister's girl scout troop get their silver award. We held a community, free garage sale. Although it was not a big turnout, all the items (clothes, toys, books, etc) were donated to the Boys and Girls Club. And I got my girl scout cookies.

That Sunday, the 13th, I had a really bad day. I felt the stress of being a senior, being away from home, and the realization that I am a grown up (and also some other personal issues). It was a tough time, but my sisters in the sorority knew that something was up, and that I needed my space. Sometimes the best way to help is just letting someone have space.

The next day was my birthday. I got a quiz in American Literature, a lovely card from Latasha, A LOT of work in the costume shop, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 and Lion King, one very long rehearsal, and a wonderful surprise gift of bacon-flavored popcorn from Monica.

That week, as I have alluded, was Tech Week, aka Hell Week. It is one of the most stressful times of the semester. Shirts disappeared, buttons were falling off, and a quick note to make wrap skirts, 4 of them. With tassel. I came in on Wednesday and finished those suckers up. Everything was costumed by Wednesday, and on Thursday, we opened with only 2 minor costume freakouts.

The week is now almost over. All I had to do was survive 2 odd days before Thanksgiving break. Monday, for American Literature class, we had a quiz with one of the questions being to name the random spider that lives on the classroom projector. No joke. It was a legit question worth 1pt. This is why I love college. This is why I love Rockhurst.

Today, I had a lovely lunch at Susan's (theater director) house. This was for Latasha's and mine practicum. We discussed theater stuff and had some yummy Mexican soup. But most importantly, I got to meet Beans, the cat.

My plans for Thanksgiving? Well, I'm not going home. Rather, I am concentrating on finishing up my senior thesis and papers for classes. I am also finishing up my Christmas list and budgeting for that.

I am planning on cooking some wonderful recipes for myself on Thursday. If I remember, I will take pictures of my progress, perhaps make a video of my kitchen shenanigans.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. It is so good to see you back mommy! You did have some busy past weeks! But you forgot that your costumes were AMAZING for the show and that you got into law school! Congrats mommy! Your idea for my ME Day was EPIC! In case you didn't know that already! I love you mommy & I am so proud of you! :)