"If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there." Alice in Wonderland

Sunday, October 30, 2011

6 weeks.

It has been a super, beyond crazy week.

From classes to my so called social life, things have been going nuts-o.

I began the week planning DXP's Date Party. We did a scavenger hunt around the Plaza, ending up with dinner at CPK.

I also turned in my Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society application. AND I GOT IN!! I will get chords at graduation!

Nothing too special. A fun House of Reps meeting about re-branding, and a well deserved Diet Coke. 

It was my best friend, Bradley's 21st birthday today. But she goes to school at Marquette. So I sent her a card with $10 for a beer/shot/shoes/whatever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAD!

I also decided to be a true journalist. I waited till the last minute to write my story. But I got it done. And I still managed to sneak in a nap.

That night was the Theta Phi's Hoops of Hearts Faculty vs. Students basketball game. I loved going last year, and it was even better this year. Students beat the teachers/alumni!

Oh, I also found out that I will be costuming the musical Gone Missing. Yeah?

Slept in. Till 12. Awesome.

In my Latin American Politics class, we began watching A Better Life about a Mexican illegal immigrant trying to make it in LA. I'm really liking this movie. It is a beautiful face to a very ugly issue. Everyone should watch it. We will be finishing it this upcoming Tuesday.

Class. Nap. Clinic. Date Party.

Clinic was awesome. The cats from the hoarder were still there, and they were still messy. But some of them were sweet.

But I got to play with Mika, a Blue Healer mix. He came in a few weeks ago, and he was super aggressive. When I played with him, he was paying attention to my commands, wagging his tail, and so curious. Not one growl or nip. GOOD DOG!

Early morning, a few of my sister's went to the American Cancer Society's Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. It was a brisk morning, and I felt the burn.

Grace and I ended up went to Ceramic Cafe after to paint. A little stress relief is always good.

Then I napped for 3 hours.

That was my week. Busy and stressful. I planned a lot.

The payoff for the next 6 weeks will be going home. Shipley's, Mexican food, and warmer Houston weather, and, oh yeah, my family.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

You can't have roots and wings.

The title of my post is what I kept repeating this week.

But I will save the droopy stuff for later, for know, a recap.

The days grew colder as the DXP apple sale drew on. For a picture, I will call upon the help of my daughter, Latasha...
Red Head is Sarah D, and the hat is me. (Photo by Latasha)
Cold. So Cold. And obviously this day, Wednesday, I didn't care what I looked like because of my sweatshirt and KC Royals cap. I just cared about staying warm. And Sarah - good call on the blanket.

My day that day was also awesome because I got to tweet in class. (It was to test out the new RULitGeeks twitter page for the English dept). What other school, what other teachers would let you do that?!

Also, that day, the french fries were exceptionally delicious.

The week went on, and the dreaded law school applications were another impass. But I am officially half way!! Broke thanks to the application fees, but still, half way done.

I meet with my adviser. And we discussed next semester. My. Last. Semester. My goal for next semester is simple: necessary classes, and fun classes. No stress.

There was some stress as the dept I am minoring in is not offering the class I need, but no worries, a 5 minute conversation with the head of the dept, and I am on my way to achieving my goals. Next semester I am taking the following: Screenwriting, Group Interaction, Cinema Critique, and Painting. That's right. Only 12 hours. After taking 18 hours every semester since freshman year (except 1 semester at 16 hrs.), I am giving myself a much needed rest. And did I mention no class on Friday?!

I ended my week with a special screening of The Three Musketeers. Not half bad. I defiantly suggest it.

Friday night, Grace, Monica, and I got so yummy Chinese from Kin Lin and rented some movies. Scary movies. That night, we watched The Hills Have Eyes.

Saturday was a lazy day. Monica and I decided to get out of the house and walk around Town Center. Enjoyable, and relaxing, we mozied around. And tonight, we freaked ourselves out by watching Insidious.

Alas, the dreariness. My family is having our traditional Tamales Sunday. It is a day where my entire family (on my dad's side) gets together and makes tamales. We make a ton of them! We eat some that day, and then freeze the rest for Christmas Eve dinner. My family also divvies out who is getting who a present for Christmas. Some of my best memories are from Tamales Sunday, and it is doubly sad that I am not there because my cousin TJ, who just came back from Iraq, will be there. And everyone will be talking about my sister's baby, and also my cousin Angie's wedding in May. These are the days I miss Texas. But, you can't have roots and wings. And I choose wings.

But I make do with my family here at Rockhurst. They are awesome, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Till next time. Good Night, and Good Luck

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I went to Fall Break, and all I got was this...

To Do List.

Going into Fall Break, I was stoked! I was going to have a nice long break filled with productivity.

And by "productivity" I mean sleep.

Yeah - kinda like this. (Cat from Kauffman Gardens)

But instead, I decided to actually do stuff. On my list was the following:
  • Finish ALL law school applications
  • Me time.
  • Laundry
  • Condense Fellowship paper
  • Work on thesis
  • budget
  • Catch up on shows
  • Get ahead on homework
The folllowing is what I actually got done:
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

But my break was not wasted. My grandmother came into town.
This is me and my grandmother in Maine (her home state)
Her and her significant other, Jim, came up to KC for the weekend on Thursday. We went out to dinner at Panera then my grandmother bought me some groceries. I desperately needed some, so we went to a Walmart that was about 20 mins away. However, both my grandmother and Jim thought I was driving for hours. I guess sanity and time references go with age.

Friday, we took another epic journey to Overland Park. I registered my preggers sister at Babies R Us. I loved it. For the most part. It was fun going around the store making decisions for my sister, and getting stuff I know she will return. Well, that is what she gets for making me do it. HA!
This is my sister. Also taken in Maine about a year after her first baby. That corsette defiantly doesn't fit her now.
On our way back from Babies R Us, I ordered Oklahoma Joes BBQ, which is not as good as Texas BBQ, but is the best I've had here. We picked up somethings at Target (I got a bag for $4 - I've been eyeing since June) and picked up the BBQ. We spent the rest of the evening at home; eating and watching movies. I even got an application or two done.

Saturday, we went to the Renaissance Festival. Both Jim and my grandmother have never been, so it was a treat to see them experience a very different world. We saw booths and even stopped by Paula (Rockhurst Set builder) and her booth to get some perfume. But the best part: I got a pickle. I love pickles.

For lunch, we left and went to the Legends to eat some Five Guys Burgers. Their fries are just like the ones my grandmother's restaurant used to serve in Maine.

We got up Sunday morning and went to my grandmother's favorite stop in KC: River City Market. We bought some fruits and a plant for my grandmother's friend in Lee Summit whose husband just passed. We enjoyed ourselves, and we even found and AWESOME antique store. We ended our morning with some baklava and bbq. What a combo!

While I love my grandmother, it was a relieve to be by myself Sunday afternoon. I got my homework done and made my agenda for the week.

This week, DXP (my sorority) is selling Caramel Apples as a fundraiser. It's fun, but stressful, as I am making the apples.

I'm feeling a little down and out this week. It must be the fall weather. It must be the fact that Tamales Sunday, a tradition in my family, is happening this Sunday, and I won't be there. But I think it is also the fact that I am nearing completion of my law applications, the semester, and my collegiate career. I've met with my adviser and chosen the classes for next semester, my last semester. It's all winding down. And I fear that I will miss Rockhurst and my family here more than I thought I would.

Hopefully the week will get better as I move day-by-day. I do have something to look forward to for the weekend. Pumpkin Patch!! And perhaps a movie night with Hocus Pocus.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Almost over. The show. The week. Almost over.

I love and hate tech week in theater. It is a wonderful time because I get to see what my cast and myself have been working for since early August. It is a lot of fun and I am so proud of that. However, I hate it because tech week also means long rehearsals, pressure to perform well, and, of course, the everything-is-going-wrong days. From ink exploding in the washer, missing pants, and falling sets, things were crazy this past week.

We opened the show Thursday. And Sunday is our last performance. It would take a book for me to say what went right, and what went wrong. But the big thing is that I have an awesome cast.
(L-R) Mitchell, Elizabeth, Matt, Kayla, Marcus, James, Kily, Quentin, Tommy

This busy week of meetings, rehearsals, and, oh yeah, school is almost over. And next week is only 2 days long. That's right - fall break. I will be completing a plethora of tasks: finishing ALL my law applications, revising my fellowship paper for the Sigma Tau Delta Conference that I may or may not attending, getting a flight to Houston for the holidays, girl time with Erin (hopefully), planning Jessica's baby shower, and hosting my grandmother for the weekend. I thought this was a break?

And so I must leave you now. I am tired. And watching Mythbusters, Shrek 2, and The Dark Knight. Yeah. Sort of random.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Rock and A Hard Place

Last week was Homecoming Week. We started the week off with a golf cart parade. Yours truly drove the DXP gold cart, which I quickly figured out that I had so much trouble driving. Because of rehearsal and classes, I could not make it to other events, but I did help the DXP booth at the Carnival on Thursday. Our booth did Nerf Gun Capture the Flag. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!

Friday, graduation applications were due. I turned mine in on Wednesday, but seeing everyone else scrambling to get the bright yellow sheets turned into the registrar was a humble reminder that four years ago, I was scrambling to find my first classes. Oh, how bitter-sweet. Four years ago, I didn't know where the Rock Stop was. Today, not only do I know where it is, I know the names of everyone who works there.

This picture was taken the first weekend of freshman year...The girl in the red is Kelli. She is still by bestie!!

This was taken at a Royals game two weeks ago. Stefani is showing off her "face," and apparently I'm showing off mine.

Then there was rehearsal. This is our final week before tech/hell week. My cast has done such a wonderful job. It has been a hard few weeks, with rehearsals and hours long costume shop marathons trying to get costumes together. Friday, we just played around. We played games for an hour, and it was well deserved. I am making them cupcakes for Monday's first dress rehearsal.

This is probably my favorite Theater picture. This is from last year's Theaterworks. It is of Gavin (gun), Brian (middle guy), and Ori (body). I took this for cast photo call. 

My first show! The Laramie Project

If you are in the KC area, please come and see the show!! Thursday/Friday @ 8pm, and Saturday/Sunday @2 pm. Tickets are $8. There are two one-act plays. My play, The Real Inspector Hound, is a who-done-it style play with dry, British humor. The second, Booby Trap, is a serious look at a soldier's life as he is put in a difficult position.

Also, on a serious/frightening note: Today, Oct.1, all of my law applications are officially out. This means I have to get my act together and do my applications. I have to redo my personal essays, though. I hate this; I keep second guessing myself. I have about 4 top choices (California Western, San Diego, Chicago, Georgetown). Especially since my #1#1#1#1 is Georgetown - I'M FREAKING OUT - I would do anything to get into Georgetown! How do I put that in a personal statement without sounding desperate. Hopefully, Georgetown, a fellow Jesuit school, gives me props for already surviving 4 years of Jesuit school.

As Dr. Kovich states in every syllabi: The Few. The Proud. The Jesuitical. 

I'm pretty sure that the only reason I am sane is because of my roommate and some amazing faculty.

More specifically...
Monica The Roommate: ...because no one else appreciates my imitation of a cat
Grace The Other Roommate: ...because she rolls her eyes when I do something dumb
Susan The Director: ...because she doesn't let me quit
Latasha The DXP Daughter: ...because she makes me feel like I have accomplished something
Kerrigan the Teacher: ...because now my academic papers rarely have "it" in them
Spencer The Journalist: ...because her pens always match her outfit
Feature Writing The Class: ...thanks for getting me on Twitter
Mitchell The Albus: ...because he is my kind of crazy.

Till next time.