"If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there." Alice in Wonderland

Monday, December 19, 2011

Don't Mess With Texas


It has been a hell of a week.

Friday, December 9 - I leave early in the morning, and I get home by noon, which means lunch. I had my beloved Texas bbq. Then I had to get ingredients for my sister's baby shower. And this is what came of that...

Chocolate Layered, almond icing, gummy bears, and kit kat

Cupcakes, the gummy bear cake, the white with sprinkles, and ginger snaps

Saturday - baking and more baking

Sunday - Shower. Super fun and my sister loved it.

Monday - oversaw the installation of my sister's new flooring

Tuesday - shopping with my cousin Ryan

Wednesday - sleeping.

Thursday - can't remember.

Friday - can't remember.

- Cousin's Ugly sweater party!!

Sunday - shopping with my mom

Now - the laziest day ever. So. Wonderful.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Since we to parted

Since the last time there have been some interesting developments.

Actually, not really.

Friday was my last day of classes: American Lit. Parting is such sweet sorry. Except the fact that I'm not a fan of American literature. But I did enjoy the class.

Sunday, our sorority had our Christmas party. We made picture frames and traded secret sister gifts. LOTS OF FUN!

Monday and Tuesday I did not have finals. So I worked on my American Lit final paper and my journalism portfolio. It was wonderfully chill. I worked on my paper in the costume shop. And I may or may not have randomly danced around the shop in between paragraphs.

Today, I had one final. It was at Minsky's Pizza. Yeah. Poor me. My journalism teacher treated our class to some yummy pizza. And we got to meet her husband and baby boy.

Tomorrow is my last final in Latin American Politics. Not too nervous. More excited because the end of the final means I get to pack, which means I get to go home.

Also, tomorrow night, Monica and I are going to be having a Spa/Dance/Movie Party. Yeah, it will just be the two of us, but it will be a blast nevertheless.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog formerly known as...

Yes. I changed my blog name and look. I was kinda bored with the other one, and honestly, I don't want to do my homework, so procrastination probably has something to do with it.

I hope you enjoy.

I guess I'll go back to work.

This time next week

This time next week, I will be packing for home!

I'm already contemplating what my first meal home will be. Should it be homemade? Or perhaps some delicious Tex-Mex or TEXAS (vastly superior) BBQ? Either way, I'm ready!

And hopefully the things I got from Old Navy get here in time. I really need what I ordered before I go home.

Some updates on my To-Do list.

Two American Lit classes down, and one Latin American Politics class down.

I saw Breaking Dawn. Now, I have no issues with people who like this movie. But love/obsess/crazy for it, come on people! It was OK. I prefer True Blood or Interview with the Vampire.

Players meeting - done and awesome.

I sent in the service report in early! Go me.

I have the secret sister gift for DXP's Christmas Party. I just need to get crafts.

A handful of other tasks, and I am good to go!

There's no place like home.