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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why is the Break always gone?


I has been a week since Spring Break and I am already ready looking forward to Easter Break.

It has been so hectic this past week. It is as if I didn't have a break at all...but let us start with the beginning.

Since I haven't blogged since the week before break, I will share with you the chaos that ensued.

Quiz. Work. Group Work for class. Greek meeting. Work. Another Greek meeting. Final Exam. Painting portfolio. Theater meeting. Laundry. Pack.

Oh, and did I mention that my original plans for Chicago changed?? Instead of just Kelli and me going to Chicago, our party grew. Monica and Abby decided to join, which was no big deal except for booking more train tickets.

Spring Break 2012:


We took the train in on Friday. Lovely ride down.

Since we arrived in Chicago around 3:30, we had plenty of time to catch some of what the Windy City had to offer. For that, I shuffled the girls over to Gino's East Pizza off of Superior and Michigan. I wish I had some pictures, but even then, pictures could not do any justice. Gino's is my favorite place in the entire universe for pizza. It's a 45 minute wait, but it is well worth it - just get an appetizer.

We left our mark at Gino's - if you are ever there, try and find us!!

We continued our first day with a walk up and down Michigan - the Mag Mile. Nice way to work off a deep dish pizza.

By the time we got back to our hotel, we were knocked out. We were all in bed and sleeping by 11.

Saturday I was to take a tour of Loyola Chicago. My tour was at 10am, so I decided to let everyone sleep in a bit late.

I loved Loyola. And I found out that the academic part of law school didn't freak me out. Our guide kept talking about clinics, internships, and her professors. And I just didn't feel apprehensive. I expected those to be difficult. I expected professors to be crazy (which I'm used to - thanks English Department). I found myself asking questions like "Which neighborhood to you live in?" "How do you get groceries to your apartment?" and other things that pertain to actually living in Chicago. Because that's the thing that worries me. Another city, different than Houston or KC.

I'm still waiting for other schools to reply, but I am pretty sure I will end up at Loyola.

After my tour, I went back to the hotel. Everyone was getting ready for the day. Monica was meeting her aunt and cousin for lunch, which left Abby, Kelli and myself up to whatever. We decided to visit the Pier.

We walked through the garden thingy. We rode the ferris wheel. It was awesome!!! The skyline was beautiful and I realized that I would be so happy to live here.

While at the pier, I was to meet a old high school friend, Stephanie.
This is her happy face.
We decided that we were starving, and wanted Chinese. So - off to Chinatown!!

We ate some dim sum and walked around a bit. Monica meet up with us. After a while, we decided to head back downtown. and grab some dinner (at Downtown Dogs - hot dogs) and late night shenanigans.

We ended up at Timothy O'Toole Pub.
No Abby - she's taking the picture  
Monica and Abby

Kelli and Abby

Myself and Steph

After some drinks and dessert, Monica, Kelli, and I decided to go back to the hotel. Abby and Steph decided to go out with one of Steph's friends. All is well - they even got mustaches in support of a charity...

The next day, Abby went to meet a friend for lunch, leaving the rest of us to go off. We ended up at the Bean.
Duchesne Picture - Steph and I from Houston Duchesne, Monica from Omaha
 I highly recommend visiting the Bean. It is so choice.

Yep, Trump Tower. I am also wearing a pretty boss shirt - it has cats on it.
After the Bean, and watching kids fall down at the ice rink, it was time to say farewell to Steph. I haven't seen her in two years!! And probably won't for another two. She goes to school in the states, but her family is in Australia. But I loved the time with her!! Steph - I will miss you, and your very comfy shoulder.

Abby came up to the Bean for a bit, and then it was off to the museums. Kelli and Abby went to the Field, and Monica and I made our way to the Art Institute.

1) I got in for free
2) I loved it.
4) It took everything in me not to reenact Ferris Bueller.

We didn't stay long (it closed an hour after we got there). We basically stayed in the impressionist area. We also visited "American Gothic" and some other stuff - as in the armor section.

I can't wait to go back. This will be an all day trip - I can feel it.

We ended our Chicago adventure in style. We had dinner at a fancier restaurant. Best French Dip Sandwich Ever.

Our night concluded with cocktails on the 97th floor of the Sears Tower (Don't pay the 25 bucks for the observation deck - 2 floor below - go to the lounge and restaurant we went to - 2 floor up). I wish I had a picture :( Sorry.

If you do go, the view from the women's bathroom is amazing. And men, ask to go in. Abby saw a guy in there. Don't be shy.

Monday we rode back to KC. Rather, we slept.

The rest of my week was this: Sleep. Eat. Write. TV. Sleep. Eat. Write. Sleep.

On Saturday, I volunteered dog walking. That was fun. Puppies. Puppies. And more puppies.

Sunday, I did the worst thing imaginable. I started Downton Abby. At night. I had to summon all my willpower to turn it off. I did. But it consumed me for the week. Any free time, I watched.

This past week, a whole lot of the same. Classes and meetings. And work. Atif is back in action, so no more slacking at work. Since he can't go down steps, I am the one pulling and taking things to and from storage. Combine stair climbing and the fact that it is unseasonably warm, I got my workouts in.

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day!! I went to the parade, and then slept, and then played boards games till midnight. That is my life.

For now.

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