"If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there." Alice in Wonderland

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chillin like a Villian/Antagonist

Fourteen days left till graduation. Just saying.

As my world of undergraduate academia is decelerating from its catharsis, I now have time to catch my breath before the onslaught of tying loose ends begins to beckon me.

While I did not wake up this morning till 11am, and then took a shower, and then took a nap till 3pm, I did feel accomplished in my endeavors not only of today, but of the past week.

I will now Tarentino my week for you, starting with the end, working towards the beginning.

Today, I napped. And it was glorious.

I then created a list of 21 potential apartments around the Chicago/Gotham City area. Really excited on that front, but even more excited that I also found a potential mate for my cat, Mystic.
This is how his majesty sleeps. He also demands bed time stories. I bore him to sleep with Emerson.

This is Miley, the potential buddy for Mystic.
Not only are they both part-bengals, but the also are blind in the same eye.

And this is me (not Lisa) in a couple years. But at least I will have a law degree.
The day is not over, but I have little hope for it. Probably some awesome FX movie that I've seen a thousand times. Then it will be a night of reading "Game of Thrones."


Yesterday, was another day of rest. Sleeping in and taking another nap.

I regret nothing.

Later that night, i went over to a friend's house. Nothing like reminiscing and playing dumb apps on an IPad.

Thursday was a huge stress relief. I turned in my screenplay to the wonderful, yet slightly scary Dr. Kovich (the aforementioned Dr. K./Dr. Kill).

Then painting class. Lots of paint. Lots of fumes. Headache.

Then I totally forgot about my Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society induction. Totally. Forgot. But luckily I saw Brian, who kindly reminded me. Long story short, I got me some cords. Bo-ya!

A revelation I had whilst at Induction. The Rockhurst English department is a hodgepodge of people. Brilliant to the point of eccentricity (like the Doc Brown way). Seriously. Some awesome/weird folk roam the halls of Sedgwick.

Wednesday held for me a huge presentation, which went surprisingly well. Very happy that it's over, and every excited to see the next presentation which promises to be a parody of Star Wars. Once again proving that Rockhust has some of the best faculty.

Also, Plays in Progress (a brainchild of Dr. K) was Wednesday night. Frank Higgins was the playwright, and it was a pretty awesome show. Very enjoyable.

Tuesday, another day. Really uneventful. I do remember a delightful pizza I ate. But that's about it. #mylifeiscollege

Monday, the last time we meet. There was a pizza party given by the English department. I love nothing more that conversing with the English folk. They are so...so...overly intelligent. Yeah. that's the phrase.

Flashforward to today. Saturday. 14 Days till graduation. My to-do list is supple, filled with such important things as "study for finals" to "laundry," both of which needs to happen, but I will just say that one is more of a priority than the other.

"After all this time?"

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