"If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there." Alice in Wonderland

Monday, May 7, 2012


So, Saturday, I totally graduate.

This is pretty much what I feel like doing this entire week.

But instead, I am packing. Who knew one could accumulate so much stuff over 4 years of school.

Some Chicago updates.

I will be moving to Chicago in August, electing to spend time with my family during the summer months.

I will not be going alone.

Kelli and I will be living together in Chicago, probably wizard dueling over who has control of the remote.

But before I am off to Gotham City, there are a few housekeeping things I must do.

I have successfully completed all my finals, so now is the ever so deserved moment of purging all my papers and books away.

Now come the graduation parties. I have a birthday party on Tuesday for a beloved gal. Then on Wednesday, the Communication department is giving a shindig for the seniors. Then on Thursday, Susan will be doing her senior send-off dinner. Noms!!

Meanwhile, the family will be trickling in.

My mother and grandmother are driving from Tulsa (mom's flying into Tulsa on Wednesday) Thursday morning.

My sister, nephew, dad, his wife, my cousin, and my cousin's boyfriend will be coming in on Friday.

Saturday, if still alive, I will be graduating.

Busy, relaxing, nerve wracking, bitter, sweet, exciting, and a plethora of other adjectives that are equally opposite are going on during the next five days.

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